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Grand Medical Group AG is a group of pharmaceutical companies specialized in the development, production, registration and introduction into medical practice of modern innovative products based on organic, synthetic and herbal compounds.

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ATC Code: G04BX50, Other urologicals including combinations

TUTUKON is a special composition of medical herbs extracted with unique technology of steam distillation providing maximal extraction of herbal ingredients and formulation of BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE COMPLEX that:
1. Stimulates excretion of renal and ureteral stones ? 1cm,
2. Provides metaphylaxis of urolithiasis, and•
3. Facilitates elimination of pathogens from urinal tract.
The unique extraction technology of steam distillation makes possible to reach synergism in pharmacologic action of every herbal compound:

• Spergularia rubra - dissolves oxalates, phosphates and urates through contains ?avonoid fractions, increases urine output;
• Peumus boldus - has disinfectant, urine and choleretic properties, anti-in?ammatory and antipyretic e?ects are due to inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins;
• Cynodon dactylon - has antibacterial and antifungal properties, stimulates phagocytosis and is used as an anti-in?ammatory agent.
• Sideritis angustifolia -being a diuretic, anti-in?ammatory and has a wide antibacterial e?ects due to contained ?avonoids, oils and tannins;
• Opuntia ?cus indica - characterized by strong diuretic and spasmolytic activity;
• Rosmarinus o?cinalis - along with active spasmolytic, diuretic, bacteriostatic and antioxidant e?ects, has also choleretic e?ect;
• Melissa o?cinalis -has signi?cant spasmolytic activity, bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties and, in addition, also has mild sedative e?ect on the central nervous system;
• Enguisetum arvensis - has a pronounced diuretic e?ect;
• In pre-clinical trials it was proved on histological and biochemical levels that the synergistic pharmacological e?ect of TUTUKON includes: diuretic e?ect, anti-bacterial e?ect, anti-in?ammatory e?ect, anti-oxidant e?ect, spasmolytic e?ect, as well as litholytic and lithokinetic e?ects. Due to such synergistic pharmacological e?ect TUTUKON demonstrated in clinical trials the following e?ects: • control in?ammation (leukocyturia) • normalize salt metabolism and diuresis (crystalluria and diuresis volume) • control of pain and spasm in acute patients • physiological dissolving stones and e?ective elimination small ones • In general the application of TUTUKON in patients with urolithiasis and UTI may help to reach some important therapeutic objectives: • eliminate the main reason of the stone formation - ureteral tract epithelium cells apoptosis (death) and infringement of salt metabolism in patients; • prevent a stone formation in patient who has just crystalluria, rid o? calculi and prevent surgery in patients with small stones (up to 1 cm), rid of residual calculi and prevent infection complications and recurrence in patients after lithotripsy; • increase e?ectiveness of antibiotic therapy or substitute it UT infections; • simplify the treatment in all types of stones and in all types of infections; 


TUTUKON is indicated for adult and paediatric patients as follows:
• Excessive formation of salts in the kidneys (urates, oxalates, phosphates, carbonates),
 • Urolithiasis,
• Prevention of recurrent stone formation after removal of stones,
• Gout,
• Urinary tract infections: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis,
• Dysuric phenomenos (polaquiuria, stranguria, dysuria, nicturia, loss urinary pressure and urinary continence),
• Spasm of urinary and biliary tract,
• Spastic colitis,
• Di?erent types of intoxication (drugs, alcohol, drugs, food poisoning).