For manufacturers

Dear Sirs/Madams,

The prospect of successful business, fresh search for contacts in new territories is the next important and essential stage for the development of any company. The right decisions made with the right timing is the foundation of a successful business. Familiarization of new markets is associated with a number of difficulties, which are related to the specifics of domestic law, nation’s mentality, work regulations, the nature of the market, the competitive relationships, etc.

The above create obvious obstacles for European and American manufacturers of pharmaceutical products trying to introduce their products in the markets we operate: Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Our work style, methodology and human resources provide interested companies and manufacturers with an opportunity to expand to new pharmaceutical marketplaces in which their products can be sold. In this case, cooperation includes planning the production of new drugs and their promotion in potential markets, which have not been developed yet.

We are inviting you to cooperate with us on the basis of professional responsibility and understanding!

We are looking forward to your recommendations!

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