| Each ampoule with solution for injection contains Vitamin B1 100 mg, Vitamin B6 100mg, Vitamin B12 1mg, Lidocaine 20mg, ampoules №5ml



ATC Code: A11D B, Vitamin B1 in combination with vitamin B6 and / or B12

The group of neurotropic vitamins B provides a positive therapeutic effect on inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nerves and the musculoskeletal system. Vitamins of group B are prescribed for conditions with deficit of these vitamins, but in high doses vitamins B have analgesic effect, improve blood circulation, and normalize the work of the nervous system and the process of hematopoiesis (the formation of blood cellular components).

Vitamin B1 is an active substance which is very important for health. In the human organism, it is phosphorylated with the formation of biologically active thiamin diphosphate (cocarboxylase) and thiamine triphosphate (TTP).

Thiamine diphosphate as coenzyme takes part in important functions of carbohydrate metabolism, which are crucial in the metabolic processes of the nervous tissue, affects the conduction of the nerve impulse in the synapses. The lack of vitamin B1 in tissues results in an accumulation of metabolites, primarily lactic and pyruvic acids, which leads to various pathological conditions and impairments in the function of the nervous system.

Vitamin B6 in the phosphorylated form is a coenzyme of several enzymes that regulate metabolism of amino acids. These enzymes provide formation of physiologically active amines playing important role in the nervous system functioning: adrenaline, histamine, serotonin, dopamine, tyramine, and tryptophan.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the processes of cellular metabolism. It affects the function of hematopoiesis (external anti-anemic factor), takes part in the formation of choline, methionine, creatinine, nucleic acids, and provides an analgesic effect.



Neurological diseases of various origins:

  1. Neuritis,
  2. Neuralgia,
  3. Polyneuropathy (diabetic, alcoholic),
  4. Radiculopathy,
  5. Retrobulbar (optical) neuritis,
  6. Facial nerve pathologies.

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