| Each ml of solution for injection contains 2 mg thiocholchiside, №30



ATC Code: MO3BX03, Muscle relaxant

Thiocolchicoside is a semi-synthetic sulphurated derivative of colchicoside, with myorelaxant pharmacological activity.

Thiocolchicoside acting as a GABA-A receptor antagonist, its myorelaxant effects could be exerted at the supraspinal level, via complex regulatory mechanism, although a glycinergic mechanism of action cannot be excluded.

Thiocolchicoside was also found to posses anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities in a variety of experimental models after oral, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal and intramuscular administration. Moreover, in pharmaco-EEG studies, thiocholchiside and its main metabolite were shown to be devoid of any sedative effect.



KEPLERON is indicated for symptomatic treatment of the painful muscular spasm in simple how low back pain.

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