| TUTUKON NEO is produced as oral solution (250 ml).

Hydrolat obtained from the distillation of herbal ingredients, vial №1



ATC Code: G04BX50, Other urologicals including combinations

TUTUKON® is a special composition of medical herbs extracted with unique technology of steam distillation providing maximal extraction of herbal ingredients and formulation of BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE COMPLEX that:

  1. Stimulates excretion of renal and ureteral stones ≤ 1cm,
  2. Provides metaphylaxis of urolithiasis, and•
  3. Facilitates elimination of pathogens from urinal tract.
  • The unique extraction technology of steam distillation makes possible to reach synergism in pharmacologic action of every herbal compound:
  • Spergularia rubra - dissolves oxalates, phosphates and urates through contains flavonoid fractions, increases urine output;
  • Peumus boldus - has disinfectant, urine and choleretic properties, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects are due to inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins;
  • Cynodon dactylon - has antibacterial and antifungal properties, stimulates phagocytosis and is used as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Sideritis angustifolia - being a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and has a wide antibacterial effects due to contained flavonoids, oils and tannins;
  • Opuntia ficus indica - characterized by strong diuretic and spasmolytic activity;
  • Rosmarinus officinalis - along with active spasmolytic, diuretic, bacteriostatic and antioxidant effects, has also choleretic effect;
  • Melissa officinalis - has significant spasmolytic activity, bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties and, in addition, also has mild sedative effect on the central nervous system;
  • Enguisetum arvensis - has a pronounced diuretic effect;
  • In pre-clinical trials it was proved on histological and biochemical levels that the synergistic pharmacological effect of TUTUKON® includes: diuretic effect, anti-bacterial effect, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-oxidant effect, spasmolytic effect, as well as litholytic and lithokinetic effects.

Due to such synergistic pharmacological effect TUTUKON® demonstrated in clinical trials the following effects:

  • control inflammation (leukocyturia)
  • normalize salt metabolism and diuresis (crystalluria and diuresis volume)
  • control of pain and spasm in acute patients
  • physiological dissolving stones and effective elimination small ones
  • In general the application of TUTUKON® in patients with urolithiasis and UTI may help to reach some important therapeutic objectives:
  • eliminate the main reason of the stone formation - ureteral tract epithelium cells apoptosis (death) and infringement of salt metabolism in patients;
  • prevent a stone formation in patient who has just crystalluria, rid off calculi and prevent surgery in patients with small stones (up to 1 cm), rid of residual calculi and prevent infection complications and recurrence in patients after lithotripsy;
  • increase effectiveness of antibiotic therapy or substitute it UT infections;
  • simplify the treatment in all types of stones and in all types of infections;



TUTUKON® is indicated for adult and paediatric patients as follows:

  • Excessive formation of salts in the kidneys (urates, oxalates, phosphates, carbonates),
  • Urolithiasis,
  • Prevention of recurrent stone formation after removal of stones,
  • Gout,
  • Urinary tract infections: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis,
  • Dysuric phenomenos (polaquiuria, stranguria, dysuria, nicturia, loss urinary pressure and urinary continence),
  • Spasm of urinary and biliary tract,
  • Spastic colitis,
  • Different types of intoxication (drugs, alcohol, drugs, food poisoning).

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