Grand Medical Group® AG is a group of pharmaceutical companies specialized in the development, production, registration and introduction into medical practice of modern innovative products based on organic, synthetic and herbal compounds.

The company entered the pharmaceutical markets in 2002. At the first stage, the main priorities of Grand Medical Group included the selection of pharmaceutical products covering the needs of modern medicine, formation of a package of such products in view of the principal therapeutic directions, organization of the products manufacture in Western Europe and development of their registration dossiers for further introduction to the market and implementation into practical medicine.

Initially, Grand Medical Group targeted to introduce modern, effective and practically tested medical products to rapidly developing markets with new methods of therapy actively adopted to the health care system of the CIS countries. In 2012, a new period in the development of the company began: it was reorganized into a group of companies with 4 additional structural units for supervision of special sectors of the common business. Grand Medical Group AG, Switzerland is directly in charge for strategic coordination and management of all processes between the companies within the general structure.

The company’s portfolio has expanded due to complex products enabling effective and convenient control of a number of most critical pathogenetic factors at the same time. New products developed by Grand Medical Group® should increase the effectiveness of therapy for many significant urological, gynecological, neurological and gastroenterological diseases. New products are actively introduced not only to rapidly developing markets but also to mature markets of Central, Western and Southern Europe and Asia. Currently, GrandMedical Group® operates in Poland, Spain, Turkey, Romania and Albania.


Our mission is the development of new innovative medicines to cover medical needs of clinicians in special therapeutic fields enabling us to help patients all over the world to preserve their health and well-being. We believe that every person living on earth has the right for access to quality innovative medicines.


The company’s objective is formation of a stable international structure enabling the development of high-quality innovative products with guaranteed effective therapy for a wide range of diseases. Besides, one of the company’s goals is engagement of talented people in innovative processes and solution of existing and future health care problems.


To achieve its goals, Grand Medical Group® performs the following tasks:

Develop new innovative technologies in order to improve production capabilities and qualities

Preclinical and clinical studies of products developed by the company in compliance with the evidence-based clinical standards.

Production of active components and finished goods with proven effectiveness and safety in compliance with the European quality standards (EU Good Manufacturing Practices).

Organization of registration, promotion and advertisement of innovative products developed by the company in strict coordination with the local legal requirements and ethical business practices.

Full compliance  with the European quality standards (EU Good Distribution Practices) in distribution and logistics operations.

To actively support educational programs in full cooperation with scientific institutions in order to introduce innovative treatment methods and to increase the efficiency and safety of treatment.

Increase diseases awareness among the community in order to improve their quality of life and reach alternative therapies.

All Grand Medical Group® tasks are carried out transparently in coordination by all companies within the group.

As with all group companies, the main priority of Grand Medical Group® staff is the health of the community, so it is essential to ensure that physicians, pharmacists and patients have access to EFFECTIVE and SAFE medicines that meet the principles of evidence-based medicine.

All properties related to the products must be proven by objective and transparent scientific studies.





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